The vocational training curriculum is the responsibility of both the Ministère de l’Éducation, which develops programs and their teaching guides, and the educational institutions, which implement the programs and the evaluation process. Programs of study include compulsory objectives and suggestions for competency-related knowledge, skills and attitudes.

By successfully completing a program, students acquire not only the entry-level competencies required by the workplace in order to practice a trade or occupation, but also learning that provides students with a certain degree of versatility.

Administration, Commerce & Computer Technology

Accounting Studies Icon
Accounting Studies
To develop the skills necessary to complete accounting tasks such as calculating and...
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Legal Secretarial Studies Icon
Legal Secretarial Studies
The AVS program, Secretarial Studies-Legal, is designed to train students to exercise the...
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Professional Sales Icon
Professional Sales
The Professional Sales program prepares students to practise the occupation of retail...
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Sales Representation Icon
Sales Representation
Acquire the knowledge, ability and attitude necessary to become a qualified sales...
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Secretarial Studies Icon
Secretarial Studies
To develop in the students the competencies required to apply the following principles,...
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Starting a Business Icon
Starting a Business
To help students acquire the competencies required to successfully integrate into the...
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Beauty Care

Aesthetics Icon
The aesthetics program aims to train students to administer aesthetic care to clients,...
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Acquire the skills to perform various tasks related to general and special services in...
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Electrolysis Icon
Hair Removal (Electrolysis)
To enable the students to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to plan and...
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Develop knowledge, skills and the attitudes required to use hygiene, health and safety...
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Communications & Documentation

Desktop Publishing/Computer Graphics Icon
Computer Graphics (Desktop Publishing)
Computer graphics designers work for companies specializing in the graphic communications,...
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Digital Layout & Printing
Printing (Digital Graphics Technology)
Learn all aspects of the printing trade from computer layout to operating offset and...
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automated Systems Electromechanics Icon
Automated Systems Electromechanics
Acquire the knowledge, ability and attitude necessary to assure functioning and...
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Industrial Drafting Icon
Industrial Drafting (CAD - Computer Aided Design)
To develop the skills necessary to determine the information to include on drawings.
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Food Services & Tourism

Contemporary Professional Pastry Making Icon
Contemporary Professional Pastry Making
The Contemporary Professional Pastry Making program aims to train people in the pastry...
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Food & Beverage Services Icon
Food & Beverage Services
Among other skills, students learn to provide table service to customers, communicate in...
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Hotel Reception Icon
Hotel Reception
Among other skills, students learn to establish professional relationships with clients,...
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Professional Cooking Icon
Professional Cooking
The Professional Cooking program prepares students to practise the trade of professional...
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Travel Sales Icon
Travel Consulting & Sales
The Travel Consulting and Sales program aims to train travel sales consultants. The job...
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Health Services

Institutional and Home Care Assistance icon
Institutional and Home Care Assistance
This program prepares students for the trade or occupation of patient service associate...
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Pharmacy Technical Assistance Icon
Pharmacy Technical Assistance
The training prepares the student to be a pharmacy technical assistant, working under the...
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Mechanical Manufacturing

Machining Techniques Icon
Machining Techniques
To develop in the students the basic competencies required to carry out machining tasks.
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Numerical Control Machine Tool Operation Icon
Numerical Control Machine Tool Operation
The manufacturing sector is rapidly evolving to more sophisticated and advanced CNC...
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Metallurgical Technology

Welding & Fitting Icon
Welding & Fitting
To acquire the qualifications needed to get into the labour market; to acquire the...
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Motorized Equipment Maintenance

Automobile Mechanics Icon
Automobile Mechanics
This program enables the students to perform preventive and corrective mechanic work.
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EV Mechanics
Electric Vehicle Mechanics
The program prepares for the practice of the profession of electric vehicle mechanics.
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Woodworking & Furniture Making

Cabinet Making Icon
Cabinet Making
Learn fundamentals of cabinetmaking materials, machines & safety as well as specialized...
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Furniture Finishing Icon
Furniture Finishing
To enable the student to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to perform...
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