School Board

The English Montreal School Board is governed by a council of commissioners all of whom are publicly elected through general elections every four years. The Council of Commisioners work in conjunction with school board Administrators to establish policies and organizational objectives while striving to provide the best possible learning conditions for students.


EMSB Chairman

The Chair of the English Montreal School Board safeguards the integrity of the Board’s processes and represents the Council of Commissioners to the broader community.

Chairman's Messages

EMSB Council of Commissioners

The Council of Commissioners develops a broad vision of the Board, focuses on policy-making, sets organizational objectives and reviews them on a regular basis with a goal to provide the best possible learning conditions for students. It is made up of 10 publicly elected commissioners as well as 4 parent commissioners at the elementary and secondary levels.

Council of Commissioners

Board Meetings

The EMSB Council of Commissioners meets in public once a month. The session for the public convenes at 7:30 p.m. and is broadcasted live on the web.

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Committees are important to establish and maintain policies and to keep the Council of Commissioners informed on the objectives of each department.

EMSB CommitteesCommittee Meeting Minutes

Policies & By-Laws

EMSB policies and by-laws are the rules by which our organization is governed. By-laws are rules and laws established by the Board that act in accordance with and are limited by the Education Act. Policies are the basic principles by which our organization is guided and are created and managed by the Administration and Council of Commissioners.

Policies & By-Laws