Common Core Basic Education
Basic Language Courses

James Lyng Adult Education Centre offers English and French courses which are designed to develop the student’s language skills using social, professional and interpersonal situations that mirror real-life experiences. Over time, this will enable adult learners to communicate in the English language.

 CCBE in adult education offers programs of study in which each course falls under one of the following 3 instructional services: literacy services, preparatory services for secondary education, or Secondary Cycle One courses.

 CCBE programs were designed to help adult learners upgrade their skills and knowledge, bolster their autonomy in exercising their social roles, encourage their personal, intellectual and cultural growth and enable them to pursue their studies.

The Basic English Literacy and French Literacy are part of the Common Core Basic Education Program for adult learners.


The Beginner level is intended for adults with low literacy skills and lays the foundation for lifelong learning.  In these courses, learners comprehend and produce basic texts related to their everyday real-life situations by appropriating the codes and conventions of oral and written language at a functional level.


In the intermediate level, adults are more at ease with the language required to deal with a wider range of real-life situations. These courses enable learners to further develop their language knowledge and skills in order to adequately understand and produce simple oral and written texts on familiar topics.


The advanced courses aim to expand the adult learners’ language proficiency so as to prepare them to meet the complex challenges they face in their real-life situations. In these courses, learners use diverse language resources to interpret and create a wider variety of oral and written texts to deal effectively with more complex situations.

Morning Classes
Monday to Friday
8:30 am - 12:30 pm